Kimberley Food Security

Kimberley Food Security Movement

The Kimberley Food Security Movement is an informal group of people who have come together to find practical ways to enhance the security and quality of food supply to Derby, Broome, Kununurra and associated communities of the Kimberley region.

The aim of this movement is support people to take responsibility for their own food and waste. This will be done through providing practical advice and support to all Kimberley residents, communities, and organisations who are concerned about the quality and supply of our food.

Incredible Edible Broome and Windjana Wellness & Sustainability Services (Derby, ) are the primary auspicing groups of the movement.

On this webpage, you’ll find information and resources on our Initiatives:

  1. Identify and promote local sources of fresh food
  2. Encourage individuals, organisations and all levels of government to see the value in food and other organic waste not only for creating compost but in creating biofuels and utilising waste water.
  3. Promote and assist people to grow and use local bush foods and climate appropriate fruit and vegetables

Food security is defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as:

when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

Hosting this webpage through the Incredible Edible Broome website was made possible through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Grown Local Food Network

Grown Local Food Network

In 2020 we received a National Landcare Program Smart Farms grant to run the Plot to Plate – Grown Local Food Network project. 

Broome’s food security is very low, with the majority of food coming from over 2000km away. Plot to Plate aimed to establish a coordinated network of local producers and community gardens. The network, in turn, aimed to support better access to food, deliver workshops and build communal spaces that deliver nutritional, physical and mental health benefits to our community.   Key activities in the Plot to Plate – Grown Local Food Network project were:

1. Establishing a network of local producers, growers and suppliers. We have interviewed producers and suppliers to better understand the local food picture, what’s locally grown and how to access it. You can find the report here.

2. Revitalise existing and establish additional community gardens; establish seed saving processes and establish nursery for growing seedlings to supply the community.

3. Establish produce to plate pilot. We ran workshops and classes to support the establishment of small scale supply chains to promote locally grown and sourced produce. Our 2021 Sustainable Gardening and Living Fest June-August offered workshops on sustainability, permaculture, making biochar and organic gardening.

Community Garden Network

Broome Community Gardens Network Map

PCYC Community Garden

The PCYC offers inspiration and education, particularly for youth in the area. There is a focus on it being a place where people can gather and engage in different, healthy and creative activities.  Contact PCYC Broome for more details on (08) 9192 1655.

Broome North

The BNCG was established as a partnership with the Broome North community, Development WA and Incredible Edible Broome in 2016. We are currently doing a community consultation to reinvigorate the space and find out what the local community would like it to become.  In 2023, we are looking for Broome North residents, interested in getting a community garden up and running again.

Broome CIRCLE Verge

CIRCLE manage the verge garden on the corner of Frederick and Weld Streets. There is a gardening bee every Monday from 4.30pm – 6pm.  We plant seeds and seedlings, harvest the produce, prepare the soil, weed, mulch and enjoy hanging out together. All are welcome.

Recovery Centre

The Recovery Centre on the corner of Forrest and Saville Streets has a lovely raised garden setup. They grow all sorts of wonderful things such as chillis, tomatoes, pumpkins, herbs and flowers. Contact us for more information.

The LOV Garden

The Lion’s Outback Vision (or LOV garden as we like to call it) was created in December 2022.  They have gardening bees every Thursday from 4pm.  You can join the fun and find them on the corner of Walcott and Frederick Streets.


Here’s a Grown Local map highlighting where  you can find fresh local food to buy, find or gather.

Food Security Blog

Growing Skills in Food Security and Waste Management

Growing Skills in Food Security and Waste Management

Exciting News: Our Growing Skills Workshop Series is a Hit! We are thrilled to have been awarded a Community Gardens grant from the WA Department of Communities! Our Growing Skills workshop series, which is already underway, has received an overwhelmingly positive...

Grown Local Food Network: the Kimberley’s real food web

Grown Local Food Network: the Kimberley’s real food web

We are pleased to present a report on local food availability. The report is now available for comment. We are calling on our community to review the report and work with us to determine the next steps. We hope this report can help bring us better accessibility of...

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