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A vibrant Broome food community where people are able to access, produce and celebrate local foods through culturally diverse shared experiences.


Current (2021/2022)
Ayesha Moss – co-chairperson
Kirrily Priest – co-chairperson
Ellie Summers – secretary
Cat Webster – co-treasurer Sue Fraser – co-treasurer


Nadia Reece – member
Sam Bayley – member
Maela Coraud – member
Marie Ippolito – member


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Our Projects

Grown Local Food Network

In 2020 we received a National Landcare Program Smart Farms grant to run the Plot to Plate – Grown Local Food Network project. 

Broome’s food security is very low, with the majority of food being trucked up from over 2000km away. Plot to Plate aims to establish a coordinated network of local producers and community gardens. The network, in turn, will support better access to food, deliver workshops and build communal spaces that deliver nutritional, physical and mental health benefits to our community.   Key activities in the Plot to Plate – Grown Local Food Network project are:

1. Establishing a network of local producers, growers and suppliers. We have interviewed producers and suppliers to better understand the local food picture, what’s locally grown and how to access it. A report will be made available soon and will inform our next steps.

2. Revitalise existing and establish additional community gardens; establish seed saving processes and establish nursery for growing seedlings to supply the community. 

3. Establish produce to plate pilot. We are running workshops and classes and aiming to establish small scale supply chains to provide produce to local suppliers and charities and promote locally grown and sourced produce. Our 2021 Sustainable Gardening and Living Fest June-August offered workshops on sustainability, permaculture, making biochar and organic gardening.



Community Garden Network

Janyba Liyan

The Janyba Liyan garden at PCYC offers inspiration and education, particularly for youth in the area. There is a focus on it being a place where people can gather and engage in different, healthy and creative activities.  https://janybaliyan.org.au/ 

Broome North

The BNCG was established as a partnership with the Broome North community, Development WA and Incredible Edible Broome in 2016. We are currently doing a community consultation to reinvigorate the space and find out what the local community would like it to become.  Get in touch if you’re a Broome North resident and would like to get involved. 

Broome CIRCLE Verge

CIRCLE manage the verge garden on the corner of Frederick and Weld Streets. There is a gardening bee every Thursday from 4pm – 6pm.  We plant seeds and seedlings, harvest the produce, prepare the soil, weed, mulch and enjoy hanging out together. All are welcome.  

Recovery Centre

The Recovery Centre on the corner of Forrest and Saville Streets has recently setup their raised garden. Contact us for more information. 


Here’s a Grown Local map highlighting where  you can find fresh local food to buy, find or gather.

Tool library and tipper trailer

Incredible Edible Broome has a hydraulic lift caged tipper trailer and a fully stocked tool library trailer. The tipper is available to resource members and is great for collecting mulch, soil and removing green waste from home gardens. The tool library trailer is used for IEB events and gardening bees. Several items are available to borrow by resource members. The trailer is well stocked with useful gardening tools like shovels, forks, trowels, secateurs, a high pressure water hose, pole saw and hedge trimmers. Items can be borrowed and returned during the Broome North Community Garden weekly working bee hours on Wednesdays 4-6pm.

Seed Exchange

The seed exchange is a community approach to saving and sharing tried and tested seeds. Our seed box is available at our monthly Fresh Food Shares. People are encouraged to save seeds from their best crops, to put some into the seed box to share with others and to take seeds from the box to grow at home.

Wicked wicking planter boxes

With support from the Shire of Broome and Chinatown businesses, Incredible Edible Broome installed 15 wicked wicking planter boxes throughout the laneways of Chinatown in 2017. The boxes demonstrate the benefits and ins and outs of wicking beds and some of the foods that can be grown in Broome. They are lovely to look at and bring a burst of colour to lanes they inhabit.

Fresh Food Share

The Fresh Food Share was our very first project and continues to be a popular and regular event. Through support from Broome CIRCLE, the shares are held on the first Saturday of every month, 9-10am on the corner of Frederick and Weld Streets. We create a relaxed, informative and welcoming space in which to share, exchange and learn. Bring your garden produce, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, tips, knowledge and recipes. Hear from local gardening and sustainability enthusiasts, participate in workshops and take part in cooking demonstrations using local ingredients.

Broome Harvest

Broome Harvest is our annual celebration of local food offering an assortment of dishes using local ingredients. Run by Incredible Edible Broome and hosted by Matsos brewery, the lunchtime feast is abuzz, feeding up to 200 people. The event is an expression of community generosity and good spirit with donations and volunteers making it a vibrant event. It is held during the Shinju Matsuri festival, a perfect time to celebrate local produce, local producers and artisans of the food industry.

Garden Tours

Garden tours are well loved, as we get to see what someone else is doing in their patch of pindan. It’s always inspiring to see what’s growing and how other people use their space; there’s always much to learn. We try to hold at least one tour a year and ride our bikes when possible.

Documentary Screenings

We love getting together to watch and discuss sustainability themed documentaries and aim to organise several each year. All people (and occasionally dogs) are welcome and the aim is to create an inclusive and friendly environment with the opportunity to build relationships with others and discuss the movie and other relevant topics afterwards.

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